GAASA FALL 2020 Update

To all GAASA League members, clubs, coaches, players, parents, referees and assignors:

8/27/2020 Update: The 2020 Fall Schedule was posted on Tuesday 8/25/20. Reschedule instructions were sent late on 8/26 to all team contacts via email. Contact GAASA if you did not receive the email.  Reschedule N/C deadline has been revised to 9/3 due to the delays of posting the schedule.

8/24/2020 Update: Schedule should be posted by this Tuesday 8/25/20.  We apologize for the delay as we are setting up the scheduling/registration software, entering field information and team constraints.  

8/17/2020 Update:  Please refer to the email from LuAnn for instructions on syncing your team to the GAASA system so we can run the schedules. Please have this completed by the end of day on 8/19.  We are still maintaining the no cost reschedule period until 8/31.  Starting on 9/1 referees will begin to be assigned and clubs will be charged a reschedule fee, should a game need to be rescheduled.

8/10/2020 Update: Team Declarations are now closed and are updated on this website. We are working with Ohio North and Demosphere to run the preliminary schedule. We are also working on an instructional PDF on how the rescheduling process will work in Demosphere. We appreciate everyone’s efforts thus far given the situation and being hopeful that the Governor will allow us to host a season, once they announce that Ohio is in Phase III. Until then, please remember that the only scrimmages that are permitted is within your own club. Also, the insurance policy for the fall 2020 season will be in effect once your team is rostered and approved by GAASA and Ohio North.

The temporary link to the GAASA Demosphere website is:  Eventually we will have the redirect to this website automatically, but until the new website is fully updated with all of our content, please check both.   

7/21/2020 Update:  Per the League meeting:  Season starts on 9/8/20 and ends on 10/18/20.  There will be no playoff this season.

LEAGUE CALENDAR for Fall of 2020-2021 Season
• June 24th, Fall Team declarations open
Tuesday, July 21st, LEAGUE ZOOM MEETING to set Divisions* 7pm
• August 7th (10pm), Fall team declarations close
• August 12th, Player registration deadline: Late Fee for players/coaches now = $10
• August 25th, Fall Preliminary Schedule posted
• August 31st, Late Fee for players/coaches now = $25
• September 3rd, N/C Schedule change deadline
• Tuesday, September 8th, Fall Season Starts
• September 18th, Late Player Registration Deadline
Tuesday, September 22nd, LEAGUE ZOOM MEETING* 7pm
• Sunday, October 18th, Fall Season ends
• No Fall Playoffs in 2020

7/15/2020:  Team Declarations will remain open until 7/18/2020.   To declare your teams click HERE.  All declarations must be done in Demosphere.  If you need assistance getting in touch with Demosphere please contact Luan at   

We are still operating under the assumption there will be a fall season.   We will discuss it further as an organization on at the July 21 League Meeting.   We will also follow all guidance from the Governor and Ohio North as it is provided.


6/18/2020 Update: Team declaration dates have been delayed by 1 week, and will now open on 06/24/20 while we finalize everything with Demosphere.  GAASA has announced that they will be joining the Ohio North Northern Conference Red Division!  GAASA would like to welcome our newly added club, Cardinal Soccer Club, which will be declaring approximately 11 teams this fall.  

5/5/2020 Update:  Due to the extended Stay At home orders until May 31st, numerous field closures through June 30th, and the State imposed limitations on large assemblies, GAASA will be unable to host a Spring Season.  We will continue to share infomation as it becomes available.   GAASA has announced at our recent League meeting that we will be utilizing the Demosphere platform for the 2020-2021 season.  All clubs participating in GAASA should form their individual agreement with Demosphere to handle their player registrations.  

4/6/2020 Update:GAASA is following the recommendations from Ohio North on the return-to-play date based on decisions and/or recommendations anticipated from the State of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and our governing bodies.

As most are aware, Governor DeWine announced on 4/2/20, that all sports are suspended through May 1st. Therefore our 2020 Spring season will not be able to occur as it normally would, and we have taken down the preliminary schedule.

The GAASA Board recently met on 4/3/20, to discuss some of our options. We have confirmed with Ohio North that GAASA can modify our season dates, number of games, frequency of games, etc., and these are still sanctioned events for our 2019-2020 Soccer Season for all registered players/coaches. 

We understand that many players are ready and eager to play soccer once the suspension is lifted and things return to a healthy norm. With the uncertainty of when this will occur, GAASA has elected to refund all Spring team fees that have been paid thus far. We will not be invoicing clubs for the teams originally declared in January and February. All players that registered through GAASA for the HS season will also have their registration fees refunded.

Our Board of Directors will continue to meet on a regular basis to discuss contingency planning and alternative programming options for our U9-U15 aged players during the Spring and Summer. For the players that registered to play in the HS season, GAASA is hoping to host a Summer Preview during June and July. Registration/team declaration for either of these events will need to re-occur, as we understand not everyone will be able to participate.

Due to the stay-at-home rule, our next league meeting has been moved from April 28th to May 5th. If the order is still in affect, it may need to be a virtual meeting.  Watch for further updates.

Stay healthy and safe.

Sincerely, The GAASA Board of Directors


 ****** All dates listed below are tentative, and are subject to change.  ******

LEAGUE CALENDAR for remainder of 2019-2020 Season
• Soccer Activities, including practices suspended through May 1st
• Tuesday, May 5th LEAGUE ZOOM MEETING to discuss Spring/Summer activities 7pm
• Monday, May 25th, MEMORIAL DAY
• Saturday, July 4th, INDEPENDENCE DAY
• 2019-2020 Season Ends, Date August 31st

GAASA is the largest Ohio North Youth Soccer member league for the Greater Akron and surrounding areas. We are always looking to expand our membership so we can offer competitive play at multiple divisions and ages, so if your club is not currently participating with GAASA and would like to join our League, please contact the GAASA president for more information.  Our contact information can be found in our main menu, under GAASA Contacts.    

The GAASA Board would especially like to thank the coaches and parents who give so much of their time so the players are able to get the maximum enjoyment from this great sport.  

Notify Dennis Simons, Executive VP and Nic Olechnowicz, President, immediately should there be any disciplinary issues that involve game ejections / red cards. &  When emailing the GAASA Board it is always helpful provide all the specifics (date/game number/team name/age-division/home field/coach w-contact info, etc).

GAASA as well as every other league in our area including OHSAA HS Soccer have been experiencing Referee shortages over the last few years.  GAASA recently hosted one of the first Grassroots Referee Courses on November 30th, 2019 to encourage new referees in our area.  As a part of GAASA’s commitment, the participants in-person class day fees will be refunded upon the completion of refereeing 5 GAASA games in the year 2020.  GAASA is also raising our referee fees beginning Spring 2020 to attract more referees to our games, and is contracting with a new referee assigner for our southern fields.  GAASA encourages its member Clubs to promote Becoming A OHN Referee, to all interested coaches and older players so they can obtain their USSF soccer referee license.  Ohio North State Referee Committee website can be found: HERE for more information.


GAASA has adopted the Ohio North Risk Management Policies, which can be referenced: HERE

Effective September 1, 2019, Ohio North Youth Soccer has outlined their Athlete and Participant Safety Program, which all GAASA members shall follow.  Please review this new policy. 

Concussion Awareness and Safety

Coaches, Team Managers, Trainers, Referees must have a valid NFHS Concussion Training, you must carry the following items while at practice or competitions:

Leagues, coaches, referees, officials and athletes and their families must the “Return to Play” law.  If a coach, referee, or official is knowingly not compliant with the Return to Play law, including training requirements and removal from play requirements, he or she could face civil liability (see O.R.C. 3707.511 (F)(1)) should a child become injured due to his failure to follow the law.

 ***Referee Concussion Reporting Policy***

Referees are required to notify the proper league officials for players removed from games for any possible concussions.

Lindsay’s Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Goal Safety

Thunder & Lightning Safety

Sports Injury Resources

General Risk Management Resources

Sexual Abuse Prevention
On February 14, 2018, (S.534) was signed into law.  Click HERE for the U.S. Center for SafeSport's fact sheet about the legislation. Online awareness/prevention training is available at no cost to Ohio North Adult Members and consists of three (3) training modules which include: Sexual Misconduct, Mandatory Reporting, Emotional and Physical Misconduct. For more information on training and how to enroll, click HERE.